The Photomarathon


A Photomarathon is a photographic competition with a twist. Typically you have a set period of time to take a set amount of photographs, on specific topics in a set order. With prizes given on the best interpretation of these topics, it’s not your physical ability that will get you through the day, but your sense of creativity and your eye for a good photo!

Photomarathons have proved popular around the world on every continent, with regular events in Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, the Czech Republic, France and Russia, and until recently in Cardiff.

So why Newport? Newport has a rich photographic history which we will be writing and sharing about over the coming weeks. 


At 10 am on the day of the Photomarathon, doors open for each entrant to register themselves and their chosen camera. Every person taking part starts with either a blank memory card, fresh film or your phone’s camera roll – this will be checked and verified by one of our volunteers..

At high noon entrants will be issued with 12 topics and have 24 hours to shoot them in any order. 

After the Photomarathon day, all the images are collated and printed, before our panel of judges meet to decide the winners. All the photos – yes, all of them – then go on show in a free public exhibition.