Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we get:

Can I enter with a digital camera?

Yes – you can even enter using your smart-phone. As long as we can transfer files from it to our computers, you can use that camera. If you are planning on shooting on your smartphone, please bring your USB cable with you.

Do I need to bring my own memory card?

Yes – At the beginning of the photomarathon our team will check that the last image on your memory card before you start. We will accept all major forms of memory cards. Please contact our team if you have a specific concern.

Why aren’t all the topics released in one batch at the beginning of the day?

The aim of the Photomarathon is to keep you thinking creatively throughout the day. Releasing the topics in batches is part of the Photomarathon challenge, and part of working responsively to your environment. Photomarathons are intended to be social events – there will be some down time to meet with other photographers taking part, to share ideas and experiences, as well as make new friends on the day.

Does the event have any rules?

It wouldn’t be a competition without some rules, but their main purpose is to create a level playing field for everyone. You can read them in full here.

If I arrive late to start the marathon can I still enter?

Yes! Registration closes at 3pm. You will not get the full 24 hours sadly because your deadline is the same as everyone else.

How will you collect the images?

On the Sunday of the Photomarathon weekend, you will be asked to return to NPPM-HQ  where we will download your images to our computers. If shooting digital, you will keep the memory card. If shooting on film, we will have to collect your roll here. Submissions open at 09:00 and end at 12:00 on this day. Please note – we will not be able to accept any submissions after this time.

What format should the images be in?

For file compatibility, all images will need to be handed in as JPEG files. RAW files can not be accepted. Please check this in advance to avoid delays and possible disqualifications.

Why pre-register to take part?

Sadly we are limited by how many people that can take part. As part of The Photomarathon, we are offering workshops delivered professional photographers to those taking part. Pre registering is the only way to manage safe numbers in workshops and still allow for people to select what they want to learn.

Will the topics be released online?

Yes – as well as sending you the topics directly to your mobile phones, we will be announcing 6 topics via our social media channels at high noon. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get the news first! Sadly you will not be featured on our public exhibition, be entitled to local business discounts nor win prizes and feature on our sites.

I haven’t registered to take part in the photomarathon but want to follow your topics online – can I still take part?

Absolutely – we thrilled you want to have a go! That’s what Photomarathons are all about. However, if you are not formally registered as taking part in the Photomarathon, you will not be featured on our public exhibition, be entitled to local business discounts nor win prizes and feature on our sites.

Who owns the copyright in the images taken?

The copyright in the images taken always remains with the photographer. In entering the competition the entrant grants to Photomarathon the right to use the images in all media in relation to the running and promotion of Photomarathon. Photomarathon cannot (and will not) pass on, sub-license or sell any images to any third party without your permission.

Is there a special event for children?

Yes – the children’s event which is limited to the first 6 topics of the overall Photomarathon on the Saturday. Submissions open at 09:00 and topics announced at 12:00 on the Saturday. The children’s submissions can be handed in anytime before 8pm on Saturday at Maindee library or Holbrook Studio HQ. A prize will be awarded for the best set of photos for entrants aged 14 and under. Please note – we will not be able to accept any submissions after the deadline. All minors must be accompanied when registering and submitting.

How does the judging work?

The judging panel, using a system of shortlisting, will choose an overall winner in each topic category and overall age bracket winner as detailed below.

The judges consist of local professional photographers who are also the event workshop tutors.

What are the prizes?

All entries receive a starter pack which includes a discount at The Camera Centre in Newport as well offers and vouchers for Minute Man Press, Holbrook Studio and are also given the gift of travel! A day bus pass is provided to all photomarathon participants by Newport Transport services.  All this on top of every participant having thier images printed and being featured in the public exhibition, we would like to think everyone wins or experiences something fun or exciting at least.

The best image in each topic will recieve a photographers giftbag which includes, a accessorries supplied by the Camera Centre of Newport. The bag will also include special offers in local stores and suppliers!

There are 4 age category winners as well which are sponsored by local business’ and organisations.

15 and under – Newport Live and Urban Circle have offered family event tickets as well shopping vouchers. 

16-26 – Coleg Gwent are offering a masterclass in photography. 

26+ – The Camera Centre are offering £200 in-store coupon to use on equipment or service. 

Can I sign up for next year?

If this event goes well we would like to do another . We will announce more information in the new year. If you want to keep in touch with Photomarathon please sign up to our mailing list.

Where can we see the pictures taken on the day?

All the images taken on the day from registered participants will be displayed at an exhibition in The Riverfront Arts Centre in December for the grand opening. The exhibition will run for up to two weeks. The category winners selected by our panel of judges will go on to be displayed at The Riverfront Theatre & Arts Centre in December date to be confirmed.