How to Enter

The second annual Newport Photomarathon will take place between midday Saturday 26 October and midday Sunday 27 October 2019. Tickets for the Photomarathon can be bought here. This year the cost of entry will be £5 thanks to our sponsors.

If you want to make sure you’re kept up to date with the latest news from Photomarathon HQ please make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list. You can always subscribe to our social media pages too: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

A public exhibition of all the work will be held. Sharing the efforts of the city is important. Judges will select a winning image on each category and these will be published in online and in a newspaper. Large printed and mounted images will also form a great public exhibition.

Like all competitions, we have to have some rules to make for a fair and fun event:

  1. The Newport Photomarathon is an inclusive event – you can shoot on mobile phones, digital or film cameras! We know the technology is becoming even better and want everyone to get involved – all we ask is that you can take the files off of the device to submit by the deadline. If uncertain, please email us. You must provide your own memory card or film, which must be empty of images at the beginning of the day. This will be checked by a member of the photomarathon team at registration on the day of the event. If using your smartphone, your last image before taking part in the event will be noted.


  1. You must capture 12 images on 12 given topics, in the same order that the topics appear on the list given to you. i.e  This means that topic 1 is first on the memory card, followed by topic 2, 3, 4 etc. You can delete a photo on the memory card before you continue to the next topic but only 1 image is eligible for entry per topic. Images must be in the order the items are listed in on the topics list. We will not take anymore than the last 12 images on your device or memory card.


  1. All photographs must be taken on the day of the Photomarathon event between 12:00 am on the Saturday and 12:00 am on the Sunday. You are not permitted to use images that are have not been taken during Photomarathon.


  1. All images must be taken on the same camera.


  1. All images must be shot as JPEG files in the highest resolution possible on your device.  RAW files can not be accepted due to technical demands on the event.


  1. You are free to use flashguns, filters and tripods.


  1. You are allowed to edit images either in camera, with filters or on a computer. We believe that photo editing is an extension of your own creativity. However, you are not permitted to use images that are have not been taken during photomarathon.


  1. To finish and receive your badge for completing the Photomarathon, you must return your memory card for downloading to Photomarathon HQ. For childrens entries (6 topics) – hand in can happen anytime on Saturday, either at Photomarathon HQ or Maindee Library. Venues close at 8pm.


For the full Photomarathon (12 topics) Photomarathon HQ will be downloading completed entries from 09.00 am until the end of the event at 12.00 noon on Sunday. Any entries after this time will not be eligible for the judging element of the competition.